Friday, 30 March 2012

The Adventure of a Lifetime

My obsession with all things pedal powered extends beyond Cape Town, and so it is that on the 27th of April 2012 I will be heading to the UK for an 8 day traverse of the landmass that is the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

The route from South East (Land's End) to the North West (John O Groats) follows secondary roads and helped along nicely by the prevailing trade wind. The total distance covered is almost 1000 miles (1,407km to be exact, thanks Wikipedia). Most people traverse the route over 10 to 12 days but my Giant and I will try to make the trip in a mere eight...

Eight days is by no means fast, nor even close to the insane cycle record of 44h4m20s, held by an apparent masochist in 2001 (again, thanks Wikipedia!) However, it does mean travelling between 180 and 230 km per day, which is certainly going to be a test.

The ride is part of an unprecedented global triathlon put together by my friend Cameron Bellamy, in support of the Angus Gillis Foundation in South Africa. The triathlon has been dubbed the Ubunye Challenge, and it's worth knowing about. If all goes to plan (and with Cameron in charge, somehow it will) this will be the first time in human history that a person, under his own power, cycles the length of the UK, swims the English Channel, and rows across the Atlantic in one year, or at all.

I love a good cause, and a good challenge! Cameron has kindly opened the challenge to certain invited guests, and I was thrilled when I cracked a nod. The kit-list is growing but ultimately I hope to make it through with a minimum of admin and fuss, learning as I go.

Needless to say many lessons will be learnt along the way, so keep coming back for updates on the progress of preparation and of course the tour itself.

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