Thursday, 15 March 2012

2012 Cape Argus Cycletour

South Africa's Best Bicycle Race

The Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycletour (let's just call it the Argus) is without a shadow of doubt the best bicycle race in SA. I am by no means an impartial judge, but the numbers don't lie. No other race boasts a higher head-count, greater TV coverage, more prestige and more vibrant crowd support.

This year I had my best ever result of this best ever race. My 2010 Giant TCR Advanced was the true hero of the day as it skated along the tarmac at an as-yet unprecedented average speed of 31km/h. Credit must of course also be given to the weather gods who played their role impeccably, and last, but not least, my two legs deserve an honourable mention for not failing me once the entire day.

For anyone interested in cycling the Argus, Go For It! You will never regret the experience - arguably even if you have a nightmare of a time on the day. 

My experience of the ride was characterised by speed, stunning natural beauty, willing co-riders who formed accommodating bunches, exhilaration and the pure, unadulterated satisfaction that forms the reward of obliterating my personal best time by over an hour.

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