Thursday, 5 July 2012

New Frontiers

A New Chapter

The end of CTLB (for now)

As a patriotic South African and supremely contented Cape Town resident, I was recently presented with a rather difficult decision. The company I work for offered me a better role, with greater perks and a higher salary (you might wonder at this point where the difficulty lies...). I was told I will be travelling throughout England and Europe, with frequent visits to Canada and Australia. I will enjoy the benefits of flexi-time and every modern convenience (still looking good...). 

And I will be moving away. To London.
The land of the Frozen Pond
Admittedly, I've been to London before, and just about every South African has a friend or two who call the Big Smoke home. I am therefore not a completely lost soul. But this does have implications for my favourite pass-time. Cycling in London cannot possibly compare to cycling in Cape Town. Cannot possibly...

OK, there are the Borris Bikes - those fantastic ubiquitous 3-speeds (named after erstwhile Mayor Boris Johnson) that can be ridden between conveniently situated racks. London also has 12 wonderfully named Cycling Superhighways following all major routes. And there are literally tens of thousands of cyclists in London who appreciate the bicycle for the thing of beauty it is.

Someone's trusty ride, enduring the cold on Fulham Broadway
So London appreciates the bicycle and perhaps it's not all doom even if I can anticipate a hefty dose of gloom. One of the first things I plan to do on arrival is find myself a city bike and a safe cycle route to the office. That should soften the landing. I want to see for myself if any of the joy I get from cycling in Cape Town can be transplanted into cold, busy London.

Who knows? From the ashes of this blog on cycling in Cape Town, perhaps a new, anglicised version will arise.

London Loves Bikes?

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