Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Moonlight Mass Cape Town - review

How cool was that?

So, last night, after a hearty dinner at Andiamo's at the Cape Quarter, I took the ol' Giant TCR to Green Point to participate in the Moonlight Mass. I had heard and read about this increasingly popular event, and was very keen to give it a try. The balmy weather didn't exactly discourage me from staying indoors, either! 

Not me
As I rolled up Somerset Road towards the starting point, I could feel the excitement building. Everywhere, people on bikes of all descriptions were making their way to the start. 

After a brief stop at Hudsons to meet up with a friend we found ourselves under the turning circle near the stadium and ready to go! 

The reports say that there were well over 900 people on the ride, and I can easily believe it. It was awesome seeing bikes of all shapes and sizes being put to use on such a good cause. What cause, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine, but whatever message we were trying to make, I have no doubt that we made it.

Still not me

Seeing the throng of illuminated bikes and their friendly riders slowly snaking along the flat route was a real pleasure. Highlights for me included the look on the Sea Point promenade Security Guard's face when he saw a unicycle rider (Pure joy). And no-one can claim not to have enjoyed rolling down Long Street in a chain of solidarity as revelers and party-goers practically hung off the balconies to wave and take photos of the scene.

The ride ended at Greenmarket Square where the awesome Puma funk bike was won by a lucky participant. The way the crowd reacted to the announcement of each consecutive number was a hoot - the number of cheering voices growing smaller with each digit (and replaced with laughter and finally a VERY loud cheer for the winner).

Seeing the success of these events and their almost inevitable growth, one can't help but feel that the future of cycling in Cape Town really is in good hands. Well done to the organisers and thanks to those behind the scenes who made the ride the success it was. As I said to my mate while rolling down the fan walk, Everyone in Cape Town who owns a bike should attend this event - it is impossible not to enjoy! 

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